And then the phone rang… 


Abboud SA 1

I have been waiting to write this post for a while now, actually for 17 months and 6 days.  That’s how long our dossier has been in South Africa waiting to be matched with that perfect little someone.  In some ways, the wait has been even longer.  We embarked on this journey officially January of 2014.  Whatever way you look at this wait there’s no denying that it’s been long, but here we are, a beautiful match in hand and headed off to meet our daughter at the end of the month.

Last Thursday I was busy at school, I mean really busy at school. I hadn’t had a chance to eat lunch, I had supervision and I was working with colleagues to iron out the details for our upcoming Diversity Week. I taught only two classes that day but I was run off my feet.  In my last class I decided to take the final 20 minutes to sing some karaoke in Spanish and to practice pronunciation.  Karaoke with students is a long process, so when the bell rang I knew I had at least a 10 minute clean up ahead of me before heading back to my office, and hey, there hadn’t been any news in weeks and so what was the rush?  When I finally headed back to my office I checked my phone and there it was, a text from Tony that read, Call Me BIG NEWS.  Never in a million years did I assume it would be the adoption, I thought Tony had received a promotion, or a big order, or something, but never did it cross my mind that he received “the call”.  When I spoke with him on the phone 5 minutes later I was in shock and tears were rushing down my face.  I can’t begin to describe what those moments felt like.  Time stood still, and everything felt surreal.  Tony said, “we have been matched with a girl, she’s 12 months old, check your email there are a few pictures”.  I sat back and thought about the weight of his words, we have another daughter.

On the way home from work I called my parents and Tony called his.  We told them the news, obviously overjoyed, they were now all sworn to secrecy until everything became official.  We had been matched but there is a still a process to the match process and it had only just begun. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much Thursday night.  In fact Thursday night was a complete write-off as we were both so anxious we basically paced the house until bedtime.  The next morning the perma-smile was still plastered on our faces from the night before.  Actually the perma-smile is still plastered on our faces almost 5 days later and I don’t expect it to fade any time soon.  We are headed to meet our daughter a world away in a month, and I will have the privilege of calling her mine.


2 thoughts on “And then the phone rang… ”

  1. OMG – so exciting!!!! Your Mom and Dad were very good at concealing this news. Richard and I are both so happy for all of you Jane. God bless your family!

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