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An adoption update

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 3 months.  If that isn’t an indication of how busy life gets then I’m not sure what is.   Typically the fall is busy for us, but it starts to wind down mid-October once we are in the swing of it.  This year, given the fact that Mia started school and is involved in more activities than previous years, we haven’t slowed down and I’m sitting wondering where did the months go?

I can’t believe it’s already December 1st.  Of course, we welcomed our Elf, Sparkle, back this morning.  She will be sticking around for the next 24 days, which means that we need to be creative for 23 more nights and find some unique hiding spots for this elf.  It’s actually quite a stressful job, and no, I won’t be Pinteresting hiding spots, because who has time, and let’s be honest, energy,  for all of that?!  Along with Sparkle’s appearance we have started getting the house ready for the holidays.  We got our tree up, hung the stockings and strung the lights on the house.  We are basically set, we just need the jolly man in the red suit to show up and we are good to go.

This holiday season is bitter-sweet for our whole family. We learnt back in early October that we would not receive a referral before the new year.  Honestly, both Tony and I felt that we would have our daughter home with us to celebrate this holiday season.  I had imagined Christmas morning and all the festivities with our daughter so many times and felt that this year would be the year for us. This will be the 3rd Christmas, since we set things in motion, that we are without her.  Several people have been asking about the adoption lately and so I thought I brief update before the holidays was in order.

While you wait you are constantly worried that your documentation will expire. In order to avoid this, you are constantly updating and double checking dates. Up to this point, our updates included mainly police checks, RCMP and Interpol checks. At this point; however, within the first few months of the coming year several of our documents are set to expire. These are documents that we didn’t think we would need to update at any point as they were valid for 2 years, but without a referral we cannot let any document in our dossier expire. We are now back into the throws of paper work and processes. We just completed our medical documentation, have called on our reference families for new letters and will need another police and RCMP check. At the same time, we are updating our family profile. This document is the heart of our dossier and highlights who and what we are as a family. This is a large document that actually doesn’t expire; however, when we first wrote it our little Mia was 3 and she is now 5 and doing so much more. She can also articulate what this process means to her and how excited she is to welcome a sister.

As a family we continue to prepare our home and of course our finances for our journey to South Africa. We have slowly started to put her room together, but it is difficult to know what we need when we are unsure of so many things.  When will we get the call?  How old will she be?  Will she sleep in a crib or a bed?  We will ready what we can, and leave the rest of it for when we are 100% certain.

It is an interesting wait, it’s almost like being pregnant (minus the cravings and weight gain) but with no due date. We are so thankful for the support that we have received towards our adoption and our family, be it financially or emotionally.   It takes a village to raise children and we have are surrounded by an amazing village!

We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones.  We look forward to being able to share our good news in the coming year!



2 thoughts on “An adoption update”

  1. Your mom forwarded your blog to me and I wanted to respond. You are a gifted wordsmith. First, I loved the section about Mia and Sparkle…. I would like to hear about this creative Advent idea…you have me curious..and it sounds like you have the joy of wonder woven into Mia’s Christmas countdown.

    You, Tony and Mia are in my thoughts and prayers with each passing month as you await the arrival of your daughter and Mia’s younger sister. I look forward to meeting her. And I, also, envision her in my mind becoming part of a remarkable loving family.

    May you, Tony and Mia have a joy-filled Advent season and a very Merry Christmas.

    Sent with a hug,

    Heather ( Mrs Mac)

    1. Mrs. Mac
      The advent calendar has been tons of fun every year. It’s a big undertaking of course and each year I feel the need to outdo myself from the last. If you are interested in how I made it check out the blog and the post entitled A DIY advent calendar. I can also send you some pics of this year’s calendar and some of the activities/gifts that we include. Have a Merry Christmas!

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