Life is just so busy

Some of you may have noticed that I have been quite absent from the blog for a few or even several months. I assure you, we are all alive and well in this neck of the woods. Honestly, priorities have changed and I haven’t put the time nor the energy into sitting down at the computer and blogging.  We have had lots going on, moves, renovations, home study updates for the adoption and of course my favourite, summer.
Here’s a little recap of what we have been up to during the past months.

  • We moved in April, a double move. We moved and so did our nanny who then welcomed her family to Canada as new residents. The whole move was a little stressful and so was the transistion from our lifestyle in our former community and home to this one. My daughter struggled the most. It was heartbreaking to see how she struggled with our beloved nanny moving out and leaving her friends in Parkland.  She cried the first night in our new house for most of the night. She is much more adjusted now, and even tells me that this is her favourite house despite having left her friends.
  • We renovated the house. Not to the extent of our last home which was a major overhaul. This reno was minor. We took possession on a Thursday and had one week to complete the work. In the end we had the cabinets and backsplash sprayed in the kitchen, the entire house including all the doors and trim painted, the basement flooring pulled and carpet and tile installed, and the main floor hardwood refinished. The refinishing ending up happening a month later as we just didn’t have the time to get it all finished in a week. The following week the moving truck arrived and the next day we moved our nanny out and into her new appartment. It was one seriously crazy week.  We have continued to work on the house with smaller jobs. We have replaced light fixtures and spent 3 full days painting the exterior brick and trim work.     
  • We updated our home study for the adoption. Surprisingly, the wait aside, it was relatively painless. It had to be done for two reasons. The first, we had moved and the home study must reflect your current home. The second, it was going to expire in August and we must keep everything up-to-date within three months and so an update was due anyways. After the 2 hour interview and tour of our new home, the addendum was written, signed two weeks later and then a mere six weeks later (definitely some sarcasm there) the Alberta government had finally read the entire 2 pages and approved it. Once we got it back we immediately forwarded it to our agency in Ontario who then forwarded it to South Africa.
  • We also went on holidays. For some, you might be thinking, aren’t you saving everything for the BIG trip to SA? Yes, we are, but that was the problem. We had moved for the adoption, we had been watching our spending for the adoption and Tony had revved up his consulting all for the adoption, but what were we doing for us? We have always travelled with Mia and last year we forwent a holiday to save. This year Tony and I both decided we needed a break all together and so we chose, the happiest place on earth, Disneyworld! It was a amazing!  We spent 10 days in Orlando at a great resort and enjoyed 4 full days at the parks. Mia was in heaven and Tony and I were happy to see her so happy. There is nothing better than seeing your child happy and engaged and appreciative and for sure you don’t need to go away to get that, but we did go and we had the best time. We met and had pictures taken with 10 princesses, with 1 fairy and with 2 cars. We saw multiple parades and watched the fireworks most nights from our condo a few miles away. It was great! 
  • Time spent at home this summer has been great. For sure we love going away and have, Orlando and Radium, and are, we leave Wednesday for a family wedding in Vancouver, but we have loved being at home. Regardless of the fun spent while away, we have thoroughly enjoyed coming home and hanging out. This summer Mia and I have spent the most time together just the two of us than any other summer. We have our nanny twice a week unlike other summers where she has worked full time. Mia and I have loved that time together, well mostly. She still is my child which means she is super independent and sensitive and the combination of the two make for some interesting moments!       

We are now looking ahead. We continue to remain focused on our adoption goal and to raise funds and save for our journey to South Africa. I also go back to work on the 21st and I’m not going lie, I’m not really looking forward to it at this point. We have had the most amazing few months and part of me thought that maybe I wouldn’t have to go back because our daughter would be home. Either way, I’m back in a couple of weeks. I’m also anticipating Mia’s first day of school as a kindergarten student. I’m not sure how we made it to this point. It seems like yesterday she was learning to sit and clap on her own and now she’s going to kindergarten and will turn 5 this fall, that’s a full hand.  I do intend to blog more once the school year starts and we are all back in the groove. I’m sure I’ll post on the first day of school tears and how not to look like a fool at the kindergarten drop-off when you are crying but no one else is.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer as much as we have. Make sure to take in those last few moments, before you know it school will be starting!


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