A new year, a new outlook

I’m not much of a resolution maker, actually, not much implies that at some point I did, but I have never. I should restate that. I’m not a resolution maker. I don’t like disappointments and I especially don’t like when I disappoint myself. That’s what resolutions feel like to me. It’s as if you are setting yourself to be let down at some point in the year when you stop that insane exercise regimen two months in, or you start drinking milk when you decided to be lactose free or anything. Who needs that build up and then let down? I realize that it’s late in the year for all of this new year resolutions stuff but I needed time to think, 11 days to be precise

This past year has been a great year but at the same time difficult in many ways and in several situations I had hoped that I would have reacted differently or not stressed over minor details both in my personal life and in my career. I allowed myself to become obsessed with the outcome of things that were totally out of my control. We, as a family, have had a year of preparation and organization. Gathering documents for the adoption and applying for approvals. In this process there have been times where I have worried, cried knowing it was getting me nowhere and just plain agonized over things that were completely out of my control. Adoption, domestic or international takes patience X3 and I don’t have a lot of that.

In light of all of this, and that we continue to wait for a referral for our adoption, I felt that this year would be a great year to set an intention. An intention is something that I intend to do or accomplish. It’s not a resolution. A resolution implies that I was doing something poorly in the past and need to fix it or I wasn’t doing anything and need to start. An intention is more of a mindset which is always going to be a work in progress as changing your mind, your thought process or how you live your life day to day is not an overnight quick fix.

This year’s intention is simplify. Simplify my life. This does not mean sell everything and move to some remote island in French Polynesia; although, that could be nice. This is about looking at life in a more simplistic fashion. Basically, I want to have less. I want less stress in my life which means that for me when things heat up I am going to have practice mellowing out. Easier said than done for a chronic worrywart. I want less stuff and more experiences. I don’t want a closet full of trinkets in order to remember where I went last summer, I want to be present each day so that the memories are real. I want to do simple things everyday that help me maintain my health. I want peace and tranquility, in my home and in my heart. I want to be present and to simplify my life so that presence becomes the norm.

So there it is. The intention has been set in motion and it’s now out there. Time to start acting on it and keeping it in mind when I make decisions this year. Who knows how it will go. It’s the first intention I’ve set, ever, but I’m ready to make a go of it and see how it turns out.

Have you set an intention or resolution? How’s it coming along?


1 thought on “A new year, a new outlook”

  1. Jane – you are wise beyond your years. Good luck with your intention. I also think it’s more practical and loving than a resolution. You summed both up perfectly. One of my favorite expressions is to Trust The Process. That took the stress off of me and allowed me to enjoy the ride. Happy New Year!!!

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