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Halloween Extravaganza


This morning my daughter and I had a little mom and daughter time.  My husband was working on installing a storm door in our back hall and we figured with the noise we would head out.  We decided to go to some Halloween shopping.  Now, I’m not a super fan of Halloween.  I don’t like dressing up, I don’t like the copious amounts of candy that people hand out and I don’t like spending money on decorations that only last a day; however, I enjoy holidays for my daughter and will dress up every year for her, decorate the house and hand out candy.  This morning we headed to Target, in part because I needed a coffee and in part because I knew they would have some great stuff.

We started the morning off right, with a coffee for me and a water and cake pop for my little miss.  Once we had our drinks in hand we headed for the aisles.  The first stop, the decorations.  We didn’t find many pre-made decorations but we did find a lot of craft kits for my daughter and my nephew to work on over the coming weeks.  We found a Monster wreath kit, a Day of the Dead skeleton pumpkin kit and small foamy decorations.

Once we had our fill of crafts we headed for costumes.  We both already have costumes ready to go for Halloween.  Mia is going as her beloved Doc McStuffins and I’m heading down to our dress-up closet to throw something together last-minute, I guess we both don’t really have our costumes together, but close enough.  Target has some really cool stuff.  Our favourites were their collection of foam hair accessories, glasses and props.  Of course, Mia had to try them on.

mia halloween

While Mia napped today and before I wrote the blog post I sat down to read my Real Simple magazine from this month.  If you are looking for some DIY projects for Halloween start with Real Simple.  They have some great DIY Halloween decorations that are quite simple to master and are elegant enough for even your adult Halloween party.  If you have exhausted the Real Simple ideas check out Pinterest.  You can find some great ideas and easy projects that you can do alone while your little ones nap or you can do with them.  Later this afternoon, once Mia is up and going, we are going to decorate our tiny pumpkins with the Day of the Dead skeleton kit from Target.  Once we have completed the project I’ll post to Instagram so you can see our final product.


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