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A Poppin’ Party

Cliche invites and games are definitely not my thing when it comes to party planning and when I offered to host a baby shower this summer for my dear friend this became even more apparent. Everywhere I looked it was all blues and pinks and rattles or diapers. That kind of stuff is cute, if your young and don’t know any better, but as a more mature hostess and a mother who didn’t want rattles and melted chocolate bars in diapers at her shower, I really wanted something better, more elegant and fun.  First stop for anything these days? Pinterest.  I got some great ideas and a launching point. It took me some time to sort through the real cutesy stuff to find something that fit me. I know what you’re thinking, “the party isn’t about you”, and you’re right in so many ways; however, how can you be a great host if the decor you put up and the food you are serving drive you crazy. I had to find a theme that I knew I could make fun and charming, one my friend would like and one I would like. Finally I found it… She’s about to pop!  Obviously this theme requires a mother-to-be who is embracing her ever-growing belly and is ok with references to “she’s getting so big, when will she pop?”.

Clearly, my friend approved the theme or where would this blog post be headed?  I immediately started planning and knew that balloons, although so closely related to the theme would be out, because one of the guests and friend from middle school is petrified of balloons.  I had to think outside of the bubble on this one, and I came up with a game plan.

Step 1: Invites – after Pinterest my obvious go-to is Etsy, and so I landed on Etsy and found my way to custom invites that were understated.  Actually, it was definitely in the invite that the MTB (mother-to-be) realized that I would in no way and under no circumstance be having cutesy designs and decorations.  The invites were grey and orange bubbles, very masculine, very understated and apart from the wording indicating that it was in fact a Baby shower, you would have never guessed it.

Step 2: Decor – for this I headed to Party City.  I had never been to Party City before and after I adjusted to the horrific smell in the store (think cotton candy and vomit) I enjoyed my shopping experience.  I found great stuff.  Striped white and orange popcorn bags, clear plastic containers for the popcorn and the candy.  White plastic and washable serving trays, cute plates and large pompoms and white fans.  I did an array of white, grey and orange decorations and plates and napkins.  I also used the customized decor items that my Etsy invite maker had provided for me.

Step 3: Food – back to Pinterest and the internet in general for ideas on “popping” foods.  I was not into the Pop Tart, Jalapeno Poppers type of foods as this shower was immediately flowing lunch.  I settled on Cabrese Salad Pops (cheese, tomato and basil on a stick), Fruit Pops (fruit on a stick), Taco Poppers (the dipping style nacho with olive tapenade, antipasto and artichoke dip inside), Popsicle Punch (literally Popsicle in the punch), Cake pops (hand-made), and a Popcorn bar (the biggest hit).  I also had as a parting gift a candy bar set up at the front door with Ring Pops, Bubble gum, Pop Rockets and LolliPops.  The food was a hit!

The whole day ran smoothly.  House was clean, food was out and drinks were ready before the first guest arrived.  For me, this is a home run as I’m typically changing or doing my hair when the doorbell rings.  I had one game, a Pop quiz and little cards for each guest to fill-in with their wishes for the baby. All in all a great success and I hope that Jennifer had a great time.  Welcome to the world baby Adam, we are so thrilled to be a part of your life! 🙂



shower 3


shower 2



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