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When is enough, enough?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely hate clutter. I think becoming a hoarder would be my worst nightmare and I’ve posted before on how to organize your spaces and get rid of unused “stuff”. My hatred towards clutter is two-fold. First, I dislike the actual mess and can’t handle having it in my life. Second, having things that don’t get used lying around drives me crazy. I think it’s because it’s a reminder of a poor purchase, a spur of the moment have to have it purchase and those usually end up taking space collecting dust.

I started following Becoming Minimalist on Facebook and this morning’s post was a great read. It was actually written by a guest author and published way back in 2013, but it was practical advice on how to get started on this journey towards less is more. The article entitled 10 Common Objections to Minimalism  lays out clearly the reasons that most of us don’t clear out our clutter. It’s definitely worth a read especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with a storage room in your home, a particular closet, the shed or maybe just the house in general. It’s hard to get started, but maybe the article will help you finally decide that some of your stuff can go.

My goal this year is to really focus on things we need instead of wants. I find it particularly hard to do this with my daughter, but yet I seem to be able to do this when I’m shopping for myself. It’s a weakness of mine, overbuying, especially clothes, for Mia. I guess I figure her clothes can be handed down and so it’s better to over buy clothes than toys? That’s how I rationalize it, but really it’s just stuff. In fact, she would rather have one cute dress than 2 pairs of pants so I need to start listening to her more. I’m sure most of us, even if we are pretty good with our purchases, have at least one area or one person that we tend to over buy in or for. One of my new goals for sure, thinking before buying.

Becoming Minimalist really focuses on reducing your purchases, becoming a smart consumer, so that you never have to bring those things into your home in the first place; therefore, never finding yourself in the position where you have to clean out storage closets. It’s food for thought for sure, and summer holidays seem like a great time to get started!


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