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Viva Las Vegas!

I LOVE VEGAS!! I truly do.  I think it’s one of the best quick getaways.  No, I’m not that person though who drags their child there because I want to shop, go to great restaurants and see shows.  In fact, I really think kids should be ban from Vegas in general, unless they are of the age to stay in the hotel room by themselves while their parents get rowdy.  Dragging your child or your children to Vegas is like self-nominating for the Worst Parent of the Year award.  What could a 3-year-old possibly like about Vegas?  The pools are great, but kids in the pool, splashing, highly frowned upon.  The shows are great, but either they’re late at night or they’re more geared towards adults, think Absinthe.  I hate seeing the little ones on the strip past 11:00.  Their passed out in their strollers while their parents try to finish their margarita out of their Eiffel Tower plastic take-home cup.  This being said, I should now rephrase my initial statement and say, I love Vegas and think it’s the best quick getaway for those over 21.

In just over a month my husband and I are headed to Sin City for 5 days.  We are definitely looking forward to it.  We haven’t been to Vegas since our daughter was 13 months old, and although I have been there since and so has he, we haven’t gone together in a while.  I definitely have a list of must dos while we are there.

1. See as many shows as possible.

2. Eat outside at Mon Ami Gabi and watch the fountains of Bellagio.

3. Walk the strip and check out the lobbies/casinos of the hotels.

4. Go to the outlets, the good ones, not the ones by the airport.

5. Hit up the Fashion Mall.

You’ll notice gambling not high on my list.  It’s not that I don’t gamble, but my $20 limit is a slap in the face for a true gambler.  So, although, I will put some money into a machine while I’m there, I am not going to sit at a table for the night and spend my next day’s shopping allowance on a card game.  I am though, hoping to add to my list as every year we seem to do the same things in Vegas.   What’s on top of your to-do list for Vegas?


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