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My Wednesday Favourite

My Wednesday Favourite

This week’s favourite is Indigo or as some of you know it to be called – Chapters. I honestly LOVE Indigo. Their stores are great (anywhere where coffee is available is great), you can browse forever, your kids have somewhere to play while you shop and you can buy just about anything.

For those of you who don’t frequent this “bookstore” perhaps it’s time to take a look. Indigo has really branched out in the past few years. It’s changing with the times. Not to say that books will become obsolete, but given technology fewer people tend to purchase paper books these days.

Indigo literally has it all! Home Decor items such as pillows, frames, throws, candles etc. Dinnerware items, food items, women’s accessories oh, and of course, books. It’s a definite must for Mother’s Day as I’m sure you can find something for your mom in a store that carries everything but the kitchen sink.

What I’m really loving lately from Indigo? Their mugs and their pillows – too cute! Even if you have switched over to the Kobo or the Kindle and aren’t interested in buying paper books anymore (so sad) I guarantee you will something at Indigo, even if it is just an overpriced coffee and a magazine (both of which I love).


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