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Looking for some good karma?

20140409-190624.jpg It’s Wednesday and after last week’s beach post I unfortunately was thrown back into reality the next day. We had a great time in Maui but all vacations must come to an end at some point.

This week I’m excited to share with you a company that I can’t believe I haven’t shared before. If you know me well you’ll know that I LOVE bracelets. I always have at least three on and I only wear them on my left wrist. It’s just my thing. I love the jingle jangle they make, and the noisier, the better.

Good Charma came into my life after the loss of a close colleague and friend. My colleague always wore Good Charma and I had always meant to ask her what it was or where it was from as it made the most beautiful noises (a must for any good bracelet). I was gifted my first at an event held by my colleague’s sister about a month after her passing. I immediately put on my “Live Life Happy” bracelet and wore it religiously, until just last week when my 97-year-old grandma asked me if she could have it.  I, like any good granddaughter, immediately took the bracelet off and put it over her frail hand.  I figured sharing a Good Charma would certainly bring some good karma into my life.

What I like best about Good Charma is the message.  Every bracelet has some kind of significance, symbol or phrase on it and it’s like motivation on your wrist.  Good Charma’s just put you in a good mood.  The bracelets and the necklaces themselves are beautiful and are all hand-made, yet another bonus.  What I don’t always like, is the price tag.  They aren’t cheap, but neither is Tiffany and Tiffany bracelets don’t come with motivation.  The price is well worth it for a hand-made piece and a piece that you’ll cherish as much as my Live Life Happy bracelet.

You can purchase the bracelets and necklaces through their website (click on their link), or through Studio Gorgeous in Calgary.  As well, occasionally you can find Good Charma on Gilt.  In fact, last week they had a sale, a real sale, not just another 5$ off sale.  The prices were great and so was the selection.

Go check them out this week, you won’t regret it and just in time for Mother’s Day!



1 thought on “Looking for some good karma?”

  1. I love these bracelets too but not the price. I have found a great shop in Bali that sells almost identical bracelets for about half the price. The designer is Dutch but strongly influenced by Asian design. I believe they are sold in Europe as well, and probably at a higher price than Bali. It’s called Joy Jewellery. Come to Bali with me and I will take you to their retail shop!!!!! Oops – almost forgot…what a great Grand Daughter you are!!!!!

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