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Which way to the beach?

It’s Wednesday and so a favourite must be revealed. I have not been on the ball lately. Last week I was in the thick and thin of my holiday and the week before just too busy with life. Even WordPress started reminding on a pretty frequent basis about my laziness and their email today reminding me yet again to reach my posting goals got my butt into gear.

I have spent the last 12 days in Maui paradise and from previous posts you’ll know that I LOVE MAUI! Our last full day is today and tomorrow we board the plane, destination YYC. Before we leave, I thought at least one favourite list should be created for this island.

Favourite Beaches – super tough they’re all beautiful

1. Wailea Beach – sure it’s crowded with hotel guests but nothing beats the clear water and the snorkelling right off shore. Go early and leave before lunch to avoid the big crowds.
2. Makena Big Beach – I love the waves and the space at this beach. You never feel as though you are sitting on top of your neighbour. If you have children have them play in the sand far from the shore or make sure they have a life jacket on if they are playing near the water’s edge as the waves are unpredictable and big.
3. Keawakapu Beach – a huge beach where you can walk for miles. This beach also has great waves for body boarding.
4. Ulua and Mokapu Beaches – both beaches are small and protected. They offer good snorkelling and diving right off the beach. You can access both from the same parking lot but be sure to go early as the lot is small and these beaches are busy.
5. Charley Young and Kamaole 1 – my favourite of the Kam beaches because of its expanse, the sand and water and the calm. I find the other Kam beaches, especially 3, to be really windy. The northern part of this beach is my favourite (Charley Young). The parking lot for Charley Young is right off of Kihei Road across from the Maui Vista.
6. Kaanapali and Black Rock – although I don’t spend much time in the West of Maui at the beach we have spent some time at Kaanapali and Black Rock. There’s walk snorkelling and the beach is big but crowded with hotel guests.

Although we have been to Maui several times we still have beaches that need to be explored. This is just a list of some of the beaches that we have visited.

If you feel there are beaches that I must get to on my next visit let me know. For sure we will be back here. We come to Hawaii almost every year and specifically Maui so let me know.


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