For those of you who have been you’ll know what I mean when I say “there’s no place like Hawaii”, and I honestly mean it.  My Wednesday favourite has to be the islands of Hawaii.

It’s mid-March, and for those in the education field (like me) it’s been far too long since those Christmas holidays. Since then we have had finals, at least one report card, professional development days and for me, a week away with 35 Grade 8s. A long haul doesn’t even begin to describe January to March for teachers. I think everyone regardless of the profession feels as though winter has been too long and by March everyone is going a little stir crazy.

My husband and I, actually my whole family is gearing up for our spring break getaway to Hawaii. We love Hawaii. My family first went to my fave spot, Maui, when I was 9 years old. I vividly remember the trip and the fact that my mom cried as we boarded the plane back to Calgary and back to reality.

We have travelled a fair bit, especially to beach destinations. We have been to 6 different beach locales in Mexico, to the Guanacaste region in Costa Rica (not to miss either) and to the Bahamas and we always come back to Maui.

If you have never been, here are some reasons to bite the bullet and purchase those tickets, as expensive as they may be.

  1. Everyone is so friendly. The Aloha spirit really does exist
  2. There’s something for everyone
  3. The ocean and beaches are kid friendly
  4. The weather is amazing
  5. It’s laid back and slow paced
  6. Excursions are reasonably priced
  7. There’s great shopping on Oahu if that’s your thing and you can easily island hop
  8. The views are spectacular from everywhere on the islands

I am literally counting down the days and have been since Christmas and I have HGTV’s Hawaii Life pvr’d so that for 30 minutes every week I can dream along with most people about uprooting my family to Hawaii.

If you have been I’d love to hear what island you love and why you love it. If you have never been you won’t regret it.


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