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When in Montreal

I don’t usually post on travel; however, I have spent the last 5 days in Montreal with my Grade 8 French students.  I figured, while I’m here, I may as well post on what’s relevant and new in my life, so here it is – Montreal.  

For those of you who have never been to this island city, what are you waiting for?  Montreal is an amazing city, full of culture and full of fun.  It’s where Canada meets Europe.  I love the vibe the city has, and the fact that everyone is bilingual.  Nowhere else in Canada would people greet with “Bonjour, hello…”  These past 5 days we have had a great time.  We have done walking tours of the various districts, visited museums, gone to a Sugar Shack for a maple syrup feast, bowled, watched an IMAX movie in French, and had some amazing food.  Our tour guide today, Ruby Roy (ask for her if you are booking a tour with Tourisme Montreal) told us the 5 things Montrealers are known for.  She called them “Rubyisms” but these are fairly accurate when describing Montreal and its people.

1. Hockey – of course everyone knows Les Habitants or the Montreal Canadians

2. Food – bagels anyone?

3. Biking – they have an enormous amount of bike paths that are used throughout the entire year.

4. Dance – dance classes run all the time in public places and are free

5. The arts – there are a large number of musicians, artists, dancers, circus performers etc. all living in this great city

I had been to Montreal twice before this trip, once as a child and the other just last year again with my Grade 8 class, but this year, the city has really impressed me.  It’s definitely in part due to our amazing guide, but it’s also due to the fact that Montreal truly is a great city with something to offer everyone.

City Hall – Old town Montreal

I’d love to hear from you if you have been to this fantastic city.


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