Rockin’ Roast Chicken

Rockin’ Roast Chicken

It’s Wednesday and if you have been following the blog you’ll know that Wednesday is the day that I get to share my faves with all of you.  Today I have the best roast chicken recipe (click the title to see the deliciousness on Instagram).  I can’t see myself sharing recipes often, but this chicken is honestly finger lickin’ good.

The initial recipe is actually from Jamie Oliver, whom I love! He has great recipes for really all kitchen experience levels.  I am not a master chef and I don’t really enjoy cooking, but I’m not a terrible cook and I really want to provide healthy meals to my family.   His website provides so many ideas and some are quick to whip up.  What I really love about Jamie Oliver is his dedication to healthy eating and providing healthy options for everyone.  His Perfect Roast Chicken recipe really is perfect.  I have served this to many people and they all rave!

If you are anything like me and you’ve found a great recipe you have actually only followed it once and are now incorporating your own spins on the original.  Here’s how I make the Perfect Roast Chicken even more perfect.

1. Use a thick chicken soup broth base.  You can purchase a thick chicken broth from Campbell’s and I pour that over the chicken before it goes into the oven.  The recipe does not call for any broth but I find that with only the olive oil the chicken is dryer.

2. Add wine.  You’re thinking, obviously!  It’s true, so many recipes taste better when you add wine, but I mean add wine to the chicken to cook, not just to your glass as your cooking. What’s important here is the type of wine.  I have two favourites for this recipe and they are similar in taste.  The first is the Voga’s Moscato and the second is Casasole.  Both are sweet and add tremendous flavour to your chicken, the veggies and to your potential gravy base.  Add the wine after about 45 minutes and then again (a small amount) about 15 minutes before the bird is ready.

Well there you have it, a great new roast chicken recipe.  Happy Wednesday!


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