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Real Simple

Well it’s Wednesday, albeit a little late, but still not Thursday. I committed to making every Wednesday a favourites day. Hindsight Friday would have been better – it’s TGIF, the work week is over and it would have sounded cutesy. Maybe that’s why I didn’t choose Friday? I don’t do cutesy well. Regardless, here we are mid-week (thank the heavens for that) and today is about my favourite magazine. I don’t know about you, but magazine reading is some of my favourite reading and this one takes the cake for many reasons.

I’m sure you all have skimmed it while placing your groceries on the conveyor belt, or some of you have subscriptions. I love Real Simple Magazine because it practices what it preaches. It truly is real and simple. It’s one of the best magazine in terms of broad spectrum. It provides insight and articles on everything from the colour of your kitchen to the colour for your next pedicure.

If you haven’t gotten hooked on Real Simple or any magazine for that matter maybe it’s because you are approaching the magazine like it’s a book. You shouldn’t pick it up on Saturday afternoon at 3pm and be done by 4. Magazines hide their treasures so that those just skimming the pages miss out on a ton of cool things. When reading a magazine here are the steps I take to ensure I don’t miss a single item:
The first time through is quick and you’ll only read the incredibly short anecdotals or Q and A style articles. You’ll also peruse the filler sections on this first go around.
The second time through you read the longest articles (but not the one you are most interested in) while always perusing the filler sections.
The third and final time (or maybe not quit final) through is to read the article that initially spoke to you at the checkout. Again re read all the filler (it’s the best part of the magazine).

Seems like a long process? That’s the point. Often magazines get flipped through and you are missing the meat and potatoes.

If you have never picked up Real Simple, there’s nothing like the present and be sure to read it 3 times!


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