Staying organized is a full time job

We have all been there; the clutter taking over the kitchen counter, the jars, brushes and products sprawled across the vanity and even possibly an explosion of children’s toys on every level of your home.  Ahhh!  Clutter, chaos and disorganization make us crazy.  For me, clutter absolutely drives me bonkers and when my husband and I first were married it was definitely an adjustment for him.  I like things in their place, ALL the time.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have areas in my home that are cluttered, because believe me, I do, but it means that the spaces we use the most as a family tend to be less cluttered than others.

I put the question out there on my Facebook page, “what room is the most cluttered in your home?”, and the results were interesting.  Where I thought people would say the office (my nemesis), they said the bedroom.  I know I would never be able to sleep if my bedroom were messy or full of clothes. My mind would be focused on the mess and I wouldn’t be able to get a good nights rest.  In my home clothes find their way into the hamper, drawers or closet every night and I’m committed to that; however, our office and the basement are entirely different stories.  Maybe the office is a mess because I mainly work from the couch on my laptop? Maybe the basement is a mess because I have a three-year old and she has amazing grandparents who spoil her with toys, books and games?Whatever the reasons, I dislike those two spaces in my home.  Over the holidays we were bound and determined to get stuff done in the office and the basement.  We bought filing systems for the office and more storage bins and shelves for the basement. We even organized the basement into play areas so that my daughter Mia and my nephew have a better idea of where stuff should go when they are finished playing.


I feel so much better playing with her downstairs now.  It’s amazing how much better you feel when things have a home.  The office is still a work in progress but we will get there.

Whether it’s your bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom or front entryway here are some helpful tips to get you and your family more organized:

  • Use storage solutions.  They were invented for a reason and should be used, but think before you buy.  Just because it’s a storage solution doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you or your family.  Assess your needs before you drop the cash on “useless” storage bins.
  • Clean out your cupboards and closets regularly.  We often clean out of closets, I even blogged about it, but we don’t often clean out our cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom.  They need attention too! Be ruthless! We likely don’t need half of what we own, so really think about it while you are cleaning and clearing out.  Check out Becoming Minimalist
  • Start small.  If you have a whole house to organize that alone is daunting.  Commit to hanging your coat up or your clothes up every time you come home or right before bed.  It takes 30 days for something to become a habit, so commit to a month of hanging or replacing or tidying everyday and see if it sticks.
  • Prioritize your spaces.  If you aren’t an organized person by nature, you can’t just wish it, you have to do it and own it.  Prioritize what spaces are the most important to organize and what spaces can wait awhile.

If you are still stuck, check out this month’s edition of Live Better.  They have 21 tips on how to organize your home.

Hopefully you’ll find a solution that works for you and the mess and clutter will soon start finding permanent places in your home.  If you have any other tips on how to better organize your home and life, leave a comment!


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