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Gallery walls

It has been one crazy week! For those who are first time visitors, I am a full time teacher and designing and blogging are my part time jobs. School has been busy and not the type of busy where you eat your lunch at your desk, the type of busy where your evenings and weekends are consumed. I eluded to a post last week on my Facebook page about organization and I promise you it’s on its way, likewise my post on Feng Shui.

Today’s hump day favourite is both a link and a trend. It’s the Gallery wall. I’m not a family photo kind of girl. I dislike going into homes that are covered in family portraits; however, I make the exception with gallery walls because it doesn’t feel suffocating. We recently created a gallery wall in our new home. This is a first for us, and we used Costco’s photo center to print our photos. We bought our frames at Superstore (of all places). If you are hoping to create a gallery wall you will need to decide what style you are going for as this will determine what frame or frames you purchase. I also caution you not to over think it. A gallery wall should be personal and heart felt, not bound by rules and measurements. Ditch the measuring tape and use tape for the lay out on the wall. Don’t just rely on photos. Incorporate what makes you happy and whatever your passionate about. For me it is all about my family and so our gallery wall is just that. Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong creating a gallery wall in your home.



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