Yummy Gluten Free

Yummy Gluten Free

I can’t believe how many people are currently going gluten free just to be healthy or to lose some extra holiday pounds.  To me, it seems crazy to cut delicious cakes, cookies and homemade pasta out of your diet because these are the things I miss the most as a celiac.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with celiac disease it’s an autoimmune disease that effects your small intestine.  It’s also a genetic disease, and effects your absorption of nutrients and vitamins.  I was diagnosed at age 17 with celiac disease.  

It’s been 14 years of gluten free eating, and the products available have improved as the years have progressed.  When I was first diagnosed my mom tried every recipe she could, she bought all types of flour and she and my dad invested a lot of money trying to help me find delicious things to eat.   Bless their hearts that they were as committed to my diet as I was, but the reality 14 years ago was, gluten free and delicious did not go hand in hand.  

As a celiac I am often asked by those newly diagnosed or those purchasing something for their friend, “what’s good?”.  This is where Wednesday Favourites comes in.  I absolutely love Udi’s and their line of products.  I have found a bread that I can eat without toasting – a truly amazing feat! Their chocolate chip cookies are delicious as long as you don’t read the caloric intake and their pizza shells are so good that I no longer buy regular pizza shells for my husband and daughter.  In Canada or at least in Alberta grocery stores are carrying at least a couple of Udi’s products.  Most of their line is found in the frozen food section.  I know that there are other great tasting gluten free brands out there, and I likely have tried them, but nothing seems to satisfy my need for a grilled cheese sandwich as Udi’s bread or even the cookie craving.  If you have suggestions I would love to hear them.  I’m always looking for a great chocolate cake mix that I can fool that my brother with 🙂

Give Udi’s a try and let me know what you think!



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