New Swag

New Swag

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day! I have also taken it upon myself to rename Wednesday “Favourites Day” as every week I will be featuring 2 or 3 of my current favourite things.  Today’s link (click the title) is definitely geared to us tall folk and sorry men, but to the tall ladies only.  I have discovered this great blog called Tall Swag that features fashion for those who don’t fit in size M at Gap.  Since its discovery this weekend I have referenced this blog everyday and have begun dreaming about my new tall wardrobe.  The stores featured are all fairly reasonably priced and most offer international shipping which is great for us Canadians who are often limited to our online purchases.  Even if you aren’t tall and don’t require tall sizes the blog features some great fashion ideas and links to stores like Forever 21 for accessories.  I see this site quickly becoming my new “go to” for all things tall.


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