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Glitter is NOT just for parties

Glitter is NOT just for parties

Continuing with blogs, next up is The Glitter Guide.  Why do I love it?  It features fashion, lifestyle, beauty and design and features Canadian products (Go Canada!).  I love supporting local.  Anytime I can share a company or site that is from here or promotes Canadian products I will.  It’s not that I don’t like the U.S. or Europe, Asia, Africa or Latin America, I do.  I love to travel, I love new cultures, I love languages! But I also love, my home country and feel that it is often overlooked when it comes to innovation, fashion and design.  The Glitter Guide has something for everyone and if you don’t start following it immediately after your first read I’d be surprised.

There you go! Two quick posts, and two great sites to entertain you this Wednesday.  Hopefully they are just what you need for that final push to Friday.  God knows, everyone could use a little happiness on Wednesday so that Friday comes quicker and so that we can start the weekend party that much faster.


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