The Scoop on Bathroom Tile

If you have been reading the posts on the blog you’ll know that I have been working with a couple just outside of Calgary with their master bathroom.  This couple was my first “on my own” client and I am super excited about creating a beautiful retreat for them. In the last couple of weeks our goal has been to pin down the tile for the job.  I spent hours at the tile showroom, searching through the discount tiles, finding samples, getting prices and inquiring about stock.  I left Julian Tile in Calgary with three bags of samples, and a huge smile on my face.  You see, I love tile! I really do.  It’s the one place where you can really go bold, with colour and or pattern.  It really is an opportunity to put your own stamp on your space even if it’s just as a trim.

Here are some things to consider when looking to redo your tile, or your bathroom all together.

  1. Choose a tile that has texture to it.  This is so important when you think that you may be walking across the floor with bare, wet feet and you don’t want to slip.  Particularly important if children are going to be using the space.
  2. Consider all your options for shower floors.  Everyone wants the spa look of a river rock shower floors.  The issue with this type of tile is that it is uneven and requires a lot more grout than you’d think.  It actually becomes a cleaning nightmare as there is so much grout on a surface that tends to get the dirtiest in your shower.  If you thinking of a rock floor take your shoes off at your local tile showroom and stand on the samples.  You will get a feel of how uneven these can be.  If you are really wanting a rock floor there are some options that require less grout and are more even, a slate rock.
  3. Don’t overuse a tile.  We have all been there, we are standing at our local hardware store, or tile supplier and we have snagged a great deal.  We start thinking, well maybe I should just do everything with this tile, the shower, the tub surround and the back splash.  Please think again! AGH! Just because it’s a great price don’t overdo your space with it.  The tub surround doesn’t (maybe even shouldn’t) match the floor exactly.
  4. Keep to the same colour family.  This is fairly self explanatory.
  5. Don’t be afraid of subway tiles.  Subway tiles are an easy solution to your tile conundrums.  Subway tiles are inexpensive, come in a variety of colours and sizes.  White subway tile is always my first choice.  Pair it with a dark charcoal grout, or lay it vertically instead of horizontally or even in a herringbone pattern.  There’s so much you can do with them and they are cheap, even better.
  6. Try something new!  Your bathroom is private and personal so make it your own.

In the end my clients chose beautiful tiles.  A dark hardwood for the floor, a bamboo style in greys and whites for the walls and the shower and a beautiful grey and white slate rock tile for the shower floor.  It’s really coming together and the tile they chose is extremely versatile.

If you are on the hunt for new tile, there are so many great resources online and even locally at HomeDepot, Lowes or Rona.  Hardware stores are a good place to start your search, but keep in mind that big box stores like that aren’t always the cheapest; however, you’ll likely to find a lot of stock.  If you are hoping to see how others have made patterns and colours work in their spaces check out Pinterest, or if you are taking a drive around your city stop into a new community and check out the latest Showhome or Model home.  Typically at model homes designers are using the latest in trends in order to entice buyers.

Good luck and choose wisely!


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