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Shopping? Yes please!


I love a good deal.  I especially love a good deal when it comes to shopping for my home. I definitely keep an eye out for sales, but I also know which items in my home I should invest in. Here’s a list of my favourite stores to hit up when you are looking to enhance your space without breaking the bank.  These are my go to stores for just about anything, but especially for all accessories and for pieces that I know I will change at least once more this year.

Top Budget Friendly Stores (to visit in person)


Why I love it?

It has a great selection of all things.  They have come down in prices in the last few years and carry some great couches, dining room tables and bed frames.  They also use a Canadian manufacture for their furniture, Van Gogh Designs out of B.C.


Why I love it?

It’s a one stop shop for anything and everything.  I go to buy scissors, and come out with pillows, throws, duvets and pull ups for my daughter.  I especially love that their duvets and covers have the built in corner ties, so your duvet stays where it should all night long.


Why I love it?

The prices are great.  I’m never worried about replacing my art work if I bought the first piece from HomeSense.  They carry a wide selection of rugs, towels, sheets, duvets, centrepieces and the list goes on.  You do have to be patient while shopping there as things change all the time there, and if you see something you like buy it who knows if it will be there next time.


Why I love it?

What’s not to love about this store.  Sure, the quality isn’t always the best, so beware of buying a couch from there, but if you are creating memory walls and need frames at an affordable price, there’s no better place.

Favourite Online Shops (to visit in your pyjamas with an espresso in hand on Sunday morning)


Why I love it?

What’s not to love about Etsy?  You are supporting mom and pop shops, or stay at home moms with a passion for knitting or painting and they ship to your door.  You literally can buy anything from this site, and I do.  This year it’s my go to shop for my holiday decor.  We are buying personalized stockings, a new tree skirt and a monogrammed wreath for the front door.  You will become addicted to this site, so beware.


Why I love it?

They carry beautiful pieces and they’ll ship to Calgary.  They have stores worldwide so their selection is great as their vendors are from everywhere.  I bet you will find something you love the first visit, it’s a guarantee.  They aren’t the cheapest site though, so keep that in mind while perusing.


Why I love it?

They are a Canadian discount home decor site.  If you use Gilt or Overstock you’ll understand the concept.  Again, when you see something you love, buy it, as the sales are time sensitive.

Well there you have it.  My top stores in a nutshell.  Since it’s Sunday, and you may still be in your pyjamas why not try a few of those online sites?  Start with Etsy and you won’t regret it.



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