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I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween and so for some people discussing the C word (Christmas that is) is out of the question, but let’s get real, Costco has had their Christmas decorations in their stores since late August.

‘Tis the season to start thinking about holiday decorating.  I realize that this may be new to some people.  Why would we need to discuss holiday decorating?  Every year there are those people who trudge into their basements to find those beat up boxes with XMAS written in felt pen across the top. They haul the load upstairs and voila, decorating is done.  Many of us recycle our decorations and themes year, after year, after year, without thinking much of it.  If you find you are one of those, this post is directed to you in particular, as it may be time to let go of the Christmas wreath you made in 1987 with your ladies group.

The holidays are not just a day,  it’s a season, a long season. Keep in mind that these things will be on display in your home for a good month if not more, so take time when deciding what is displayed.  Sentimental items are the hardest to part with, and no one is saying you have to.  Instead of displaying all of your childrens’ art work from 30+ years ago, display your two favourite and store the rest in a box for the next year.  Every year, choose a couple new sentimental decorations to display.

I am also not suggesting in any way that you go and change your theme year to year.  The cost of that would be absurd.  What I am suggesting is that perhaps you purchase a couple of new things each year to mix in with those sentimental ornaments and decorations.  Here are some ideas of how to spice up your holiday decorating without breaking the bank:

–       Freshen the look of your holiday table or buffet with:

new candlesticks, festive napkins and a great centrepiece

–       Freshen up your Christmas tree with:

a box of new glass ornaments

bows at the tips of the branches instead of that unsightly tinsel

wide wire ribbon in a festive colour instead of that metallic garland

a personalized tree skirt

–       Freshen up your entry way with:

a beautiful fresh wreath (Costco has the best!)

There are a number of places where great decorations can be found.  Some of these places are best visited on Boxing Day or after Christmas as you can save even more. Here are some of my favourite holiday stores with links to their sites: Indigo Books Crate and Barrel Pottery Barn Etsy Lowes

So go, and create a holiday look that’s warm, inviting and that you are sad saying goodbye to in January.



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