From DRAB to FAB

We all have those rooms in our home or those pieces of furniture in our home that scream drab, drab and drabber.  Furniture was not created to remain drab for its entire life span, it’s time to embrace some colour and bring life back into your rooms and into your furniture.

In a recent room makeover, my parents spare room to be exact; we had to use accessories to create warmth and depth.  We did not have time or the inkling to repaint the room, nor to replace the furniture, so we used what we had and worked around it.  This will be the case with many of your rooms, perfectly good furniture that’s of a good quality that will need to be reworked into the space.  Here’s what we were working with.

Anytime you redo a space, go into it knowing that you will not find everything for your room in one shopping trip or even at one store.  For my parents’ room, a total of 4 shopping trips were had.  The first, we scored beautiful mercury glass lamps from Target and a piece of art from HomeSense.  The next trip was a long one.  We met early on a snowy Sunday morning and had the place to ourselves.  We walked up and down the aisles at Target mainly looking for bedding.  For bedding we picked up a pin tucked white duvet cover, and floral organic sheets that would bring some colour to the bed.  We also were able to find lamp shades that would complement the glass bases we had previously purchased, and a great deep turquoise throw.  The third trip I was on my own and found the final two pieces to be hung on the wall – a great chevron inspired star mirror and a cityscape.  The fourth and final shopping trip was for the pillows.  This was a quick “in and out” trip to Target where we found the cable knit pillows.  So basically, we spent money at two places HomeSense and Target, and spent the following:

–          Sheets $40.00

–          Duvet cover $89.99

–          Duvet synthetic with the corner ties $49.99

–          Pillows $65.00

–          Lamps with shades $90.00

–          Art from HomeSense including mirror $150.00

–          Throw $25.00

TOTAL: Around $500.00

So I have to be honest, the room is above the budget that my dad had agreed to, but honestly, how did he think we could redo a room with $250.00?  I am really budget conscious but do know that bedding costs money, it’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter whose bed you are buying for, infant, toddler, teen or adult be prepared to shell out some serious dough on things as simple as sheets and covers.  We did cut back where we could.  The lamp bases were on sale, some of the bedding went on sale the week after we bought them so my mom went back for a price adjustment, I started all of my searches at HomeSense in the clearance aisle and put great things back on the shelf because of the price tag.  Even with all of this we went over budget.  Look at the space though, it looks great at Chez Pearson.  Guests may never want to leave.

bedroom before            after3

Thanks to my parents for giving me the opportunity to take this on.  It was tons of fun and I am really excited with the final product and hopefully so are they.

Finally, word to the wise, stuff costs money, and you will go over budget (hopefully not by much), but later this weekend, I know I will redeem myself on the budget side of things when I show you how we managed to renovate an entire home for $75,000.00, stay sane and complete it in under 6 weeks.






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