Changes are a comin’

It’s a new year and it’s really time to start thinking about how to make this design dream of mine a go.

If you have ever blogged or tried to blog you will know that blogging is not as simple as putting fingers to keyboard.  It requires time, time that I on occasion feel that I am short on.  It also requires patience and a whole lot of love.  I love blogging, and I love introducing you to new things, new ideas, and new designs! I didn’t think I would love it so much due to the fact that I don’t really like writing, but something about this writing is different.  Perhaps it’s because this writing is on my own agenda, it’s personal and it’s about things that I truly am passionate about. I think I have found the best kind of writing!  Because I love to blog, I didn’t want to give up my site, but I was feeling discouraged.  My former blog had a terrible user interface and I’m not the best techie in the world and was starting to get frustrated – this is not how you want to start your blog for the day, frustrated.  So here I am.  A new blog (same URL) and a new perspective on life.  Seems cliché to say that just because of a new blog site and layout I now have a fresh perspective, but it was what I needed.  I needed to take the leap and potentially lose all of my previous posts in order to make this work.  On a side, I desperately hope that my previous posts aren’t lost.  I did keep files of them (due the fact that the other site had a horrible user interface everything was on word) so I’m hopeful that I can upload them all here, in some sort of chronological order.  If you had subscribed to the former blog I am asking that you resubscribe to this blog as the two programs do not interact or speak to each other at all.  If you have yet to subscribe, now is your chance!

About two months ago I announced that I would be working part time for a local designer who has an amazing business, but I haven’t given any updates, so here they are:

  • I have had two real clients! (4 in total if you count my brother and his girlfriend and my parents)
  • The first client was for window coverings.  I went and measured, ordered and are installing next week.  This particular client is also looking for new living furniture, some new lighting and a stair runner
  • I am currently working on a bathroom remodel for the other client and to date we have chosen tile, paint and the tub.  Exciting, this weekend we will be finalizing the layout and meeting with a general contractor who will likely be needed to help move the project along

I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back because although some may think 2 clients, what? I feel like the two clients have given me confidence and the opportunity to learn.  I do also work full-time as a teacher and have not taken time away from that job to fulfill the needs of this part-time dream. So, two clients in two months is not bad and I’m hopeful that by next month I will be able to add another client to that list.

If you know of anyone looking for design help, redoing their home, needing window treatments please direct them here.  They can send me an email via the blog or even get a hold of me via my Facebook page.  This year will be one where I try to make a go for the whole design world and business and where I will likely be working overtime – days, evenings and weekends, but I need to try, and am excited about doing so.


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