An exciting NEW opportunity

Well, the time has come to make an announcement, no it does not involve anything with my personal life.  After a number of years of hoping that some type of design opportunity would come my way, searching for courses, contemplating returning to school,  an opportunity has come my way and I am so excited to share the details.

I have worked with a very talented local interior designer for all of the window coverings in our various homes.  This women is knowledgeable, business savvy and has an amazing eye for design.  On the weekend we met and discussed how I could help her business and how she could help me learn the trade, and the ins and outs of the business.  I will now be working with her mainly on the residential side of her business.  YEAH, DREAM COME TRUE!!

This is truly my ultimate dream.  I love teaching and I love languages, but I also love design and spaces.  For my fellow colleagues at school who may read this, I am not quitting on Monday or on Tuesday or even next Tuesday.  This is part time, evenings and weekends for now.  I feel I have been presented with a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing mentor and I need to take it, but realize that I have some responsibilities and obligations with my current job, and I am not jumping ship that quick.

Here are the details of this new opportunity:

1.     Working part time around my current teaching schedule including evenings and weekends

2.     Mainly working on residential projects; window coverings, custom furniture, colour selection

3.     Helping my new mentor and “boss” with her hotel projects where and when I can fit in

4.     Taking a CAD level 1 and level 2 programme over the following three months

5.     LEARNING!!!

Here’s where you come in as readers and as friends.  If you or someone you know are looking for some guidance in terms of residential space or are looking for custom window coverings (blinds and drapes) or even having custom furniture made locally, please feel free to contact me or to pass my contact details on to them. I can be reached via my Facebook page, via this blog or via email at

Please continue to follow the blog, and to pass it on to friends and family. Regardless of the opportunity I will still be updating the blog with useful tips for around the house, decorating ideas, and of course now, I will be sharing my project details and pics with all of you.

I am really excited to begin this new chapter.  Actually, excited doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings.  I am truly elated and feeling extremely lucky and blessed to be able to work with this talented lady and learn the business.



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