A hostess with the mostest?

I am sitting here with a bowl full of leftover Halloween candy, a Cinderella, a Rapunzel and a Snow White costume piled on the floor, and a rotten pumpkin in the alley; it’s official, bring on the Holiday Season!

Today’s post is all about your gift closet, for those of you who have them, and those of you who want to get one started (they come in handy for sure).  I vividly remember my mom’s gift closet or gift shelves in the house that I grew up in.  It was always stocked.  One year, we were Boxing Day shopping downtown and my mom literally bought out the tiny soap and lotion shop that The Bay downtown used to house on it’s main floor.  She left there with bags full.  We thought she had lost her marbles and joked that she had cornered the market on soap.  How could she resist though, soap and lotion for 90% off!  Mom’s gift shelves were stocked for years with the items from The Bay.  She tried to go back the following year, but they had closed the soap shop down.  My guess, the liquidation prices from the year before had broken them.  My mom still has a gift closet, but nowadays it’s full of baby gifts and kids toys not soaps and lotions.

This season most of you will either be hosting or attending a holiday party and; although, hostess gifts seem to be dwindling, they really make an impression and show your appreciate.  Here are some ideas of hostess gifts you’ll be proud to give and appreciate receiving.


Don’t have time to get all Martha Stewart?  No worries we’ve got you covered.

  • Personal Care items – it’s always nice to get a holiday soap or beautiful lotion.  Several stores have put together ready to go holiday packages that are affordable. Visit the following stores to see what they have to offer.

Fruits and Passion Chapters/Indigo  Superstore  Anthropologie  L’Occitane en Provence

  • Candles – tapers, pillars and votives, there’s a candle for everyone.  There are some great candles available out there and even if the hostess is not a candle kind of gal or guy they will appreciate my absolute favouriteVoluspa which is available at Chapters/Indigo  or Anthropologie.

Pottery Barn  Urban Barn  Superstore  Fruits and Passion  The Hudson’s Bay

  • Kitchen items – everyone uses them so why not gift them? Cute cocktail and dinner napkins or beautiful tea towels make excellent hostess gifts.  Affordable for sure, especially if you know where to buy them.  I have lucked out and have always found amazingly cute napkins at  Superstorebut have also picked up cute napkins from IKEA as well.

Have time for DIY projects? This is for you.

  • Gift baskets – you can put anything together in a basket and make it look fab.
  • Hibernating tins – a tin full of things needed for winter hibernation, warm socks, tea, hot chocolate, etc.
  • Home-made tasty treats – especially if you love to bake or cook.  Make sure you take into consideration dietary needs of the host/hostess.
  • I recently came across a downloadable and inexpensive DIY book from a company called Freshly Picked.  Freshly Picked is a baby moccasin company with super artsy owners who developed this craft book as a side project.  Inside?  How-tos, labels for your home-made cookies, baskets, activity packs, and even festive wine labels.  Go to  Freshly Picked Shop and click on books to purchase your craft book for $9.95.

If you are starting a gift closet keep an eye out for sales and purchase when you see something that catches your eye.  You never know when the soap you cornered the market on 4 years ago will com in handy  Whatever you choose to make or put together this holiday season ensure that you proud of it and that it reflects your appreciation of their hospitality!


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