A Holiday Soiree


So you’ve decided to throw a holiday party.  Now what!?  Somewhere between being overly anal and fly by the seat of your pants is the organized host/hostess.  No one expects that you have everything absolutely organized down to the minute, that just screams CRAZY, but your guests are going to expect certain things from your gathering and from you.  Here’s a checklist of things to do in order to throw a successful and memorable holiday party.

One month before (we are getting down to the wire as it’s already November 2nd)

□ Select party theme – think ugly Christmas sweaters or something along those lines

□ Choose the date

□ Mail out the invites or email – think about using or Printable invite that can be mailed    out

3 weeks before

□ Plan the menu – are you doing a sit down dinner or appetizers?

□ Plan your decorations – you’ve selected a theme now it’s time to head out there and shop for decorations

□ Place your orders with the butcher, the baker and maybe even the candlestick maker

□ Start creating your grocery lists for the items that the above are not providing

Day before

□ Clean! Clean! Clean! – your guests expect that your home is ready for the event and a clean toilet, clean floors, clean towels and basically a clean everything are what they are picturing

□ Prep your food

□ Set up your decorations

□ Arrange florals and centerpieces

□ Create your music playlists

Day Of


□ Finish food

□ Look fantastic, and I really mean fantastic!

There you have it, a simple checklist for the perfect soiree.  One final thing to consider…why not ask guests to bring a donation for your local food bank or local homeless shelter?  My husband and I are throwing our second holiday party with all guests being asked to bring warm socks filled with personal hygiene items for our local homeless shelter.  It’s one way that he and I can feel good about throwing a celebration while still giving back to the community and city that we love. Why not spread holiday cheer to everyone?


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