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A DIY Advent Calendar

It’s snowy and cold, so it must be the weekend in Calgary.  I really can’t believe that of the three snow storms we have had this year, not a single one has fallen on a weekday, leading me to believe that Old Man Winter has it out for us.  Ugh, it would be nice to have a snow day this decade.

With the snow and cold you will likely be spending more time at home and this means some organizing, cleaning and maybe the odd DIY craft or project.  This afternoon during my daughter’s nap I did just that, a DIY advent calendar.  My daughter is not the typical three year old, in the sense that she would much rather have a temporary tattoo or sticker than chocolate.  This got me thinking, why would I buy a Lindt advent calendar for someone who doesn’t even like the chocolate? My husband and I decided that this year our advent calendar would be Mia focused.  After searching on Etsy for a cute advent calendar and resenting paying $80 on felt baggies attached to a string, I said “I can do this and it’ll be great.”  I spent a few hours last weekend at HomeSense, Michaels, Superstore and Target picking up what I would need for the advent calendar. It was simple, and not all of the bags have prizes in them, some, actually several are activities; a pizza movie night, zoo lights, swimming at Southland or the YMCA, Heritage Park, skating etc.

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

All in all, the advent calendar cost me the following:

–       $40 for the two trees from HomeSense (can be used again so it was a steal)

–       $15 for the supplies from Michaels (manila bags, clothes pins and numbers)

–       $15 from Target (stamp set, and all fillings)

–       $5 from Superstore (mini shatter proof balls)

Total: $70

When you think of it, $70 isn’t a ton to spend for a custom advent calendar.  We were going to spend a lot more from Etsy and then we still would have had to fill the bags with treats.  These trees are also going to be my centerpieces in my dining room for the month.  Every time an envelope comes off, it will be replaced with a shatter proof Christmas ball.  By the 24th my two trees will be decorated as well!

Don’t just buy into the standard advent calendar.  If you are doing this for your kids, make it about them, as they will remember the year their advent calendar had fun activities along with surprises, instead of cheap chocolate.



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